Jarrett Simplyfing Life For Future Wife

July 28, 2009 at 10:19 pm (Records) (, , , , )

Congratulations to Jarrett who is getting married in May! Jarrett is a life long collector; kicks, nike jackets, toy cameras and of course records. Now it is time to make room and so some of the records have to go.

Jarrett started collecting records his senior year in high school in the mid 90s.¬† Record collecting led to djing, and you know the rest. The majority of his records are hip hop and electronic, but he also has funk, soul, random goofy 45s, and funny thrift store records. ¬†Think Pharcyde, Aphex Twin, Jurassic 5, Ice Cube, Warp records, Rawkus, chocolate industries, Schematic, etc….

He will have lots of those kinds of records for sale at the October 17th Night Owl Record Show. Those who can’t wait can contact him through his blog or his @ mac.com email address; jarrett.reynolds…


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Karl the Collector

July 28, 2009 at 6:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Karl is well known to anyone who regularly goes to the monthly Twilight Rummage Sales at the East Portland Eagles. He is there every month selling records, electronic equipment, and what ever rare gems he has dug up.

Karl helps make the Night Owl Record Show happen. He is a member of the East Portland Eagles, the home of Night Owl Record Show. He is an electronic genius who supplies the Night Owl Record Shows with their sound system, lugging unbelieveable heavy concert speakers to ever show.

Karl has a keen eye for records and deep knowledge of 80s rock.

These days his big project is rebuilding an original RCA 45 changer for me. He will be showing off the finished project at the October 17th Night Owl Record Show at the East Portland Eagles (SE 50th and Hawthorne).

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