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Tsega is a founding member of the Night Owl Record Show. We don’t see him around to much any more, what with him being a new dad and moving to LA. He still finds time to maintain the Night Owl Record Show web site and do all our graphics.

Tsega discovered record collecting as a way to expand his production skills. In the mid 90s he made a series of now legendary mix tapes called Off The Record with Mr Jeigh. Today his musical outlet is as one half of Vanguard Squad. Be sure to check out some of his art and graphics work at Tsegainka.com.

Occasionally you can catch him selling records on ebay as fidel-astro.


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James Wilson

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Night Owl Record Show is fortunate to have so many great sellers. People like James Wilson.

James started collecting when, at age 11, he heard Pee Wee Herman play Fight For Your Right To Party by the Beastie Boys. “I was mesmerized and it’s been all down hill since then.”

He collects and sells indie rock, old school hip hop, blues, jazz, Neil Young, Dylan and obscure Christian psych rock.

When not selling records at the Night Owl Record Show James is selling them on ebay. Check his ebay store at  jwilson19. If you want to email him about buying or selling records his telus.net name is jamwil@.

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Marty and Jackie have been selling records at the Twilight Rummage Sale and Night Owl Record Show since the beginning.

I asked Marty to tell me how she started record collecting. Here is what she said:

From whence it all began:

It was the long hot summer of my ninth year. I could no longer keep my feet on the ground and began my ascent to the sun, only to be dashed to the ground by the Icarian vengeance of a freshly wounded Holly tree, ripping the flesh from my left leg like a small child unleashed at Christmas.

To ease the excruciating pain of boredom and the heat of the devil’s pitchfork prodding my frustration, my mother performed an exorcism via the wonder of Mattel.

It was virginal vanilla white with a cream sickle handle. I fingered the latch and reveled in an explosion of orange, sensual, knobs, tone arm, and spinning platter of joy. The cavalcade of K-Tel Hits were soon passed about like my stepsister with a bong.

I was healed and returned to my closet beneath the stairs where, left like a hotel bible, was Commander Cody’s Hot Rod Lincoln on 45. I began to understand why my grandma was so damn cool. Armed with the wisdom of Casey Kasem’s AT40, we’d roll in her `74 Blue Moondust Metallic Continental to the Mall 205 Payless for 50 cent 8tracks and 69 cent 45’s. Little mysteries of life in slabs of wax.

Marty Federici

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Night Owl Record Show Seller William Harker

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William started collecting records when he was in the 4th grade. “A friends Mom took us to Downtown Seattle Goodwill. My friend was all over the train sets and I found “Black Gold” VINYL!! I was nine and I was hooked.

“Then in High School I had a buddy who worked at “Budget Tapes & Records” near Northgate mall. This was between the years 1976 and 1980, he didn’t like punk/new wave and was willing to give me every promo album he didn’t play in store.”

Today William is trying to slim down his collection of “80k to 100k” records.
He is selling just about everything across the board. Country, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soundtracks, and much more. I am looking to make room in my basement so I am blowing most out at $2 each or 3 for $5.

Look for him at the October 17th Night Owl Record Show.

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